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Capturing the Times of Oklahoma
Our Newest Addition - the Shiloh Primitive Baptist Church
     November 11, 2009  A public Dedication Service

Dedication Set To Recognize Faithful Salvation Efforts

In the years between the Land Run of '89 and Statehood, while Oklahoma was still a Territory, a
dedicated group of faithful believers gathered together to form a congregation known as the Shiloh
Primitive Baptist Church, in what was a much-smaller Crescent.

Following its organization in 1893, the Church met in members' homes, until land was purchased and a
building --the first dedicated church structure in Crescent-- was erected in 1902.
That building has been standing ever since, possibly making it the oldest Primitive Baptist Church
building still in use within the State
A few major changes have occurred since 1902, such as the addition of a kitchen in 1968, and more
recently, the relocation of the entire church building, from where it originally stood on the east side of
town, to its present locale, on the grounds of the FRONTIER COUNTRY HISTORICAL MUSEUM,
in May of 2008.
Since that move, the Church has undergone an extensive restoration effort, so that it will continue to see
future use as a living history legacy.

Recognition of the building renewal will be celebrated with a  public dedication service on Wednesday,
November 11, at 10 A.M.

The Museum and Church are located a 500 N. Grand, in Crescent, at the junction of S.H. 74 and 74-C.
For more information, phone the Museum at (405)-969-3660.
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